What Others Experienced…



“I’m so grateful that you have shared yourselves and your work with me and the world. I put it out to the universe that I find someone doing a mix of Psychotherapy & Shamanic healing that I could learn from…and here you both are!

I didn’t know what to expect but wow you exceeded any and all idea’s I may have on what that may look like. Your work is beautifully paced, loved the combination of both your energies, Mike’s theory/science explanations as well as his grounded shamanic practice to back up Phoenix’s light and playful yet deep shamanic healing art sometimes subtle and sometimes more obvious. I saw so much in the healing/therapy, elements of somatic bodywork, energy work, mindfulness and psychodrama.

All the things I love and probably more I didn’t see or have yet to encounter. I experienced personal healing on a profound level and feel very excited about what possibilities may lay ahead.”
– Heather Cavill Greer, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Reike Master

“Your ability to create safe space, and hold it with and for our group was magical.  I loved being in the bush environment, connecting so deeply and having opportunity to explore new paradigms. It was an amazing opportunity to feel and shift some old stuff in a such a real and safe way, and with such gentle and kind support. 

“I just did a week long retreat with IWC in Iluka. I had gained some confidence, some powerful tools in letting go of some very old abandonment and rejection issues. It was an Incredible experience, I learned so much about my unconscious patterns and how they play out in my life.
If you are interested in personal development, Mike Lowe and Phoenix Arrien are outstanding facilitators and can hold space for you with whatever is going on in your life. 💚 ” – Penny Le Breton

As things are starting to settle and integrate, I’m really starting to notice some things that have changed and improved for me.
Here’s a few of them:

I haven’t had a migraine since leaving the retreat!! My longest break in years! Almost a miracle! I’m now re-pondering my migraine causes and management
Feeling joy in simple things for the first time in years
Feeling more playful – finding myself laughing more, and generally lighter & brighter
Have been drawn back to Zumba, and am experiencing joy in dance again
Feeling more confidence, inspiration, energy and enthusiasm
Noticeable improvements in clarity in my thinking and ability to communicate
I’ve had some interesting and very real conversations that I couldn’t have had before without experiencing emotional overwhelm.
Feeling drawn to connect – reaching out to people that I’ve known for a while, but not really connected with. Generally, wanting to be around people more.

Much gratitude to you! I am very happy to recommend you, your retreats and your wonderful transformative work”
– Denise Belling, International social design facilitator

“The work that Phoenix and Mike do is beyond your wildest dreams. A safe place to face that which scares you most and embrace that which empowers you and allows you to reconnect with your best self; one that you may have even forgotten. I feel so blessed that your paths have intertwined and will keep these magical souls in my heart and in my life.” – Anthea Merson

“Many years and lives healed with love and gentle guidance. I am blessed to have found this work. This will be the beginning of the rest of my life” – Shannon

“As I think back on my time at the ‘Deep Changer’ Retreat, there with 20 other people committed to their own healing and journey, my eyes well with tears. I’ve never felt so alive so often as I did those three weeks. ⁣

Sometime in the second week, we were invited to connect into our physical bodies, our senses and environment. ⁣Under the Taurus full moon I stripped off my clothes and tied a bandana over my eyes. With a blanket draped through my elbows and Luke an as my spotter, I made my way through the bush to a fire following the distant sound of a drum. ⁣

I felt my feet firmly on the earth. I heard the crunch of branches and bush underneath me. I felt my way, step by step, breathe by breath, drum beat by drum beat.⁣ There were times I felt like I couldn’t do it. Like it was taking too long and I couldn’t find my way. There were moments I felt fear rising from within. I felt frustrated, panicked, trusting, connected and so many other emotions. ⁣

It’s hard to put words to the experience and what it meant to me. The final moment when I reached the drum and the fire is indescribable but I’ll do my best. I felt a rush of relief, inner fire and ecstasy. There was peace, joy and passion.

Later, after I’d spotted Luke on his journey through the bush, I jumped in the Murray river naked and warmed my skin by the fire. I laughed with and hugged dear friends as they each arrived at the fire from their own journeys. ⁣I wasn’t worried about the past or planning the future that night. I simply was. Naked under the light of the moon with my bare feet on Mother Earth!

It’s hard to put words to the experience and what it meant to me. The final moment when I reached the drum and the fire is indescribable but I’ll do my best. I felt a rush of relief, inner fire and ecstasy. There was peace, joy and passion.

Later, after I’d spotted Luke on his journey through the bush, I jumped in the Murray river naked and warmed my skin by the fire. I laughed with and hugged dear friends as they each arrived at the fire from their own journeys. ⁣I wasn’t worried about the past or planning the future that night. I simply was. Naked under the light of the moon with my bare feet on Mother Earth!

Do you know what it feels like to feel truly alive?”
– Lotus Argyll, doula

“Never have I been so moved through stuck (paused) emotions than during my time on the mat. Eternally grateful and looking forward to more.” – Sai

“I felt so deeply grounded & connected to my inner knowing through the processes Facilitated by Phoenix & the tribe that I want to learn more fully about how these processes of tribal connection & communal support allow for this deep healing between self & other. I recommend this weekend retreat not only for the rediscovery of ones innate connection to self but also for the mediator – one who facilitates this deeper connection between each other. Phoenix is awesome. She’s a magic woman, a true shaman, and Mike, a respectful guide, assisting particularly the men on the journey” – Catheryn Thompson

The woo woo womandancing woman at sunset
a poem by luke argall

I know a woo woo woman who is wise at casting spells.
She dances with the spirits in many different parallels.
She holds the gifts of presence and has the foresight to foresee,
The things that really trouble us and how to set them free.
She taught me how to look inside and see that I’m enough,
Even through the dark days and when the times get tough.
She helped me step into the dark and taught me how to feel,
I wonder in my heart some days if this woo woo woman’s real.
She lead me on a journey and helped walk within my shame,
Now I’m growing and I’m healing in the sake of my own name.
I honour and acknowledge her for showing me the way,
And how my own innate connection can brighten up a day.
Here’s to the woo woo woman weaving magic round the sun,
I see you and I hear you, thank you for all you’ve done.

“Just wanted to let you know how refreshed I feel after the weekend…this morning I woke up feeling renewed. The weekend started off slowly for me, thinking I wasn’t going to get much out of it but that shifted on Sunday. I learnt so much about “holding sacred space” and on a personal level I am feeling a shift occur. The forming of a new neural pathway perhaps!! Anyway it’s exciting and I am very interested in the “mysterious”way you 2 work individually and together. It’s mysterious to me in a positive way and I know I will have this experience again one day. Thanks so much.” – Andrea Francine

“Thankyou Mike Lowe & Phoenix Arrien for another life changing weekend of healing. I feel blessed to have you both as part of my journey. You have changed my life forever & helped me to release so much pain & anger. You are both such a gift to this world & the people you work with. I can not thank you enough or recommend your workshops highly enough to anyone who wants to change their life for the better. The work you do is unique & amazing. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.” – Kim Cameron

“I’m starting to see the light again and even working out what road/path I’m on and where I would like it to go or take me on this life journey…a shift/change in my life where the physical chronic pain that I had experienced for years changed and went away…I no longer feel numb with pain! This is such a relief to not be in physical pain anymore! I’ll be forever grateful to the people who supported me during that time… you know who you are.” – Teresa Buchanan

“Phoenix and Mike do super transformative work that’s really changed my life. I’m now doing facilitation training with Phoenix as well” – Theo Kitchener

“Thank you for seeing me.
I have found a safe place to heal.”
– Andrea Bell

“Thank you for being part of my journey. It was and is amazing” – Sharon Anderson

“After attending the 14 day retreat last year, I thought ‘How will I get back to normal’ but I realise my life was not normal and that the retreat opened many new neural pathways, my thinking is different, my sense of being is different, I am different and the changes continue. So the more I feel, the more I experience the more l discover aspects of who I am becoming and all that from the retreat and time to be how ever I needed to be and profound healing being within a group and being held and supported by Phoenix and Mike. I still wonder how did you know what l needed. The unspoken, Everything happened as required. There was no sense of time just being. My mantra continues ” It’s all good” words can’t express the experience as it is such a somatic Healing experience – Elizabeth Kinnane

It’s Ok
a poem by luke argall

It’s ok to smile, It’s ok to be sad.
It’s ok to be joyful and angry and glad.
Don’t be afraid to express how you feel.
I know it’s not easy when things don’t seam real.
It’s ok to sit in the guilt and the shame.
Let others support you throughout the pain.
Follow your heart and trust you’ll pull through.
Someone will be there to help and guide you.
It’s ok to be you, whoever you are.
We all have an angel, a guide or a star.
The universe is one inside of us all,
Listen to it sing, to your soul it does call.
It’s ok to be different and not to conform.
You still deserve to be loved and feel warm.
Breathe in the wonder and magic you see.
Let yourself go, let your spirit go free.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the March weekend workshop. It has been such a deep experience for me and I am sure everyone felt the same. Thank you for your work, so many of us in modern world need this!” – Linda

“What a special weekend and group of people. The care and support and nurturing space is prime for healing. I feel blessed to expeiernce the journey of the last couple of days. Thank you Phoenix & Mike” – Jude
“This opportunity is a great healing opportunity not to be mssed and I wish the 30% of B- who have been traumatised by long civil war and didn’t have the opportunity mourne or farewell their relatives would have this healing workshop. Well done Phoenix and Mike. Please keep it up” – R.M.

“Arrived into the unknown with such vulnerability. Hour-by-hour, day-by-day to have the support and nurturing to help heal in a community. Phoenix and Mike have such a gift in allowing me to just be and guide me on a my journey of transformation. I leave today feeling a huge weight has been lifted and my heart open. Thank you.” – Amanda

“Wow, what an amazing weekend. I arrived despondent with a sense of doom and gloom with the world I live in and no trust in the systems. I walk away feeling hopeful and inspired to continue on the path of healing of myself, my family and those that come my way…” – Jen

Thankyou Phoenix Arrien, Mike Lowe and the group for providing such an incredible space for transformation and healing at Hug Trees over the weekend. The experiential journey through supporting as part of an amazing group contributed so much to my personal healing and expansion of my awareness.

I was so grateful that my route home passed by an area where I could stop by the beach and immerse myself in the sunset as I reflected on my journey. I’m now entering uncharted waters as I set forth to see where this takes me 💛 – Vanessa Beckitt

“Thank you for providing this healing experience – I feel I have been connected to my inner self and believing now no matter what the circumstances I have the truth and strength to stand tall. I love me and I need to take care of her, we are all connected” – Jennie

“Since my soul-retrieval with Phoenix last year, I have been able to regain my health & hope for the future. My petsitting practice is positively growing and as an Animal Caregiver, I am able to meet each animal’s individual needs. I love this work and believe it is my calling to care for animals and establish a refuge for them to reside.

Now that I have addressed my health concerns, I have been able to find a balance between my worklife and my writing/spiritual practices. I have learned to moderate my workflow and prioritise tasks to meet my intentions/life goals.

Thank you so much for facilitating my soul-retrieval and for giving me this new lease of life. Thank you too for inspiring me with your healing work. I feel fortunate to have participated in your shamanic healing & look forward to more of your offerings”.
– Elizabeth Sterling

“I 2nd all of that, never have I felt in safer hands. You were able to sit with me with non judgment and full compassion. I hate the term safe space, but you managed to create one for me, especially in front of others as well.” – Ke Lu

“The deep connection I found through out the retreat was truly wonderful man happyespecially for a group of people who did not know each other. What a wonderful safe space you created and for you and Mike to now be teaming up I can only imagine the amazing healing and connection that will take place.”

“I had been longing to have time in the forest to tune in to a deeper connection with nature and I certainly had that experience with you. As I lay on the forest floor in my sacred space the wind whipped up and I raised my arms and they began to dance with the wind and then dissolved becoming the wind. This for me is a taster of things to come and I am profoundly thankful for your facilitation of such an opening.”

On another note I had had a profound connection with Mike and within the safeness of the space created I was able to heal long time wounds of mistrust with the masculine.”

“Gratitude abounds for this profound open healing and nature connection that you have facilitated, I highly recommend any one who has such a desire to take the plunge and plug into what your years of connection have led you to offer.” – Ursula

“Thank you Phoenix and Mike for a great 7 days in the Transformational Workshop. It was great to feel the love from the participants and see them transform. I know I have just touched the surface of my depths which is why I am signing on for the annual 10 day retreat on 23 August.” – Cynthia Luckman

“When I discovered Innate Wisdom Connection With Phoenix and Mike l discovered much more. A space where all was welcome a space which was held in order for my story or worries to unfold. If it was the retreats the space to be connected with others in a group situation l realised how much we learn and feel and experience from each other. I realised I am not alone and that was comforting and confronting to let people in. The power of being witness and supported by the community, how ever I was in that moment was amazing.

“So glad I took this opportunity to come. It was a brilliant experience and totally enjoyed the letting to and healing it gave me.”

“While I really did not know what to expect from this retreat it surprassed my expectation adn I was able to tap into a deep part of myself that s a 57 year old woman who has done many decades of work, I have not been able to access before. So while there may be more work to do as yet as a childhood abuse survivor, now the doors have been opened. Such love was shared by all and this experience will stay with me forever. Phoenix and Mike may our paths cross again” – Di James

“Whatever Phoenix presents, you just know it will be incredible! She is the best facilitator of indepth transformative workshops that I have ever experienced.” Annie Slaughter

“Words can’t express how wonderful and transformational this was! I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. I am so grateful for such talented, inspired and supportive facilitators who created such a safe transformational space and opportunities – big big thanks Phoenix & Mike!! I am also very grateful to have been there and connected with such a wonderful, courageous and enriching group of fellow participants” – Denise xx

When l sat on the mat of transformation. I remember sharing a few stories I wondered at times if l was rambling but then l discovered they all played a role in allowing me to go deeper to unfold the essence of what l needed and to trust that if I didn’t know my innate wisdom did, and sometimes it wasn’t what l thought l needed but the experience was what l needed in order to heal and to create new ways of thinking and being.

The key for me was to allow all feelings that presented.For getting in touch with an array of feelings allowed me to know myself more. If it sounds heavy the truth for me was that at times it was intense, is there fear, for sure. I feel l have walked to my edge of knowing but here l am sharing with you. YEAH!!!!!!

I have received so much more on the other side of the experience and changes simply unfold in their own time, my awareness to check in or understand situations with clarity that the work is ongoing and the insights keep presenting.time seems irrelevant but the healing keeps unfolding so for this l am grateful. Its important to know it’s your experience what every that is for you.

Phoenix and Mike check in constantly while holding the space. And on the other side. I was held/ l was safe/ I was sooo supported by Phoenix and Mike and the group participants in the most amazing way. Was there judgment no was there compassion yes all within a session.

I have to say there have many sessions over the past year you just never know what your innate wisdom needs but when l trust the process and simple allow the possibilities for me have been endless and l know my self much more. Thanks Phoenix and Mike l am looking forward to the next workshop KNOWING ALL IS WELCOME HERE.” – Liz Kinnane

“Thanks so much…I am so grateful to you for facilitating one of the mostamrita in lurve tunnel byron workshop 15 wonderful weekends of my life. I feel so connected and grounded. Still integrating the insights” – Carol Mccoy

“OMG! What an amazing, powerful, transformation, letting go… Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect more deeply with my body, emotions and soul. Than you for the opportunity to share in community. So much gratitude and love.” Sharrn Earthwise

“Exceeded my expectations. Nurturing, growth, support, love, community, fun, deep support, nature. Utterly professional, caring, knowledgable, intuitive. Would recommend your special and deeply necessary work to anyone.” Rob Lamicela

“Phoenix and Mike created and held a space which allowed me to go where traditional psychotherapy has not allwed me to go. Thank you. I have immense gratittue and respect for the work you both do with both alove and compassion that is so evident. I felt safe and was able to openly express my emotions without fear or judgement among my tribe. I’m filled with a deep sense of calm and leave with an open heart and s thirst for gathering in your safe presence again.

I am lost for words to describe anymore of what I feel and have felt the past 48 hours so I shall laeave it at that and sit with love, connection and warmth that is overflowing. With love and gratitute.” – Angela Scott.

“Experienced rich and deep connection at the recent Innate Wisdom weekend…with Phoenix Arrien and Mike Lowe” – Margaret Schubert

“This workshop…deep and expansive with Phoenix holding the space for each unique individual participant. There was a rich variety of processes and balance between being inside th workshop space and outside in nature. Very heartfelt and beautiful space to share and be!” – Claire Lamicela

‘How to articulate the gifts received from this intensive…deeply loving, nurturing, unravelling…and honest, deep healing. Phoeix has held us so well…I feel overwhelming gratitude, thank you!’ Saskia Post

“I’ve had my great epiphany and answer to my pressing questions last night after I got home! Goes to show that the energies are still working on us after we leave the safe space smile emoticon Thank you everybody, it was so special!” – Fam Metje

“Deep sense of my personal power…groundedness…boldness and a raw, fresh approach from Phoenix, beautifully guided with the right amount of directness.” Asher Glass

“Deeper connection to spirit, self and others…music, fun, joy, dancing, self love, release…thank you.” Jeshika

“Thanks so much for your warm and generous coordination. Your confirmation emails were both professional and imbued with the warmth of your generous heart. As was your guiding…” Roger

“Changed my life and lightened my load forever! I was…challenged, seen, nurtured… If opening your heart to a new level is your dream, you could possibly find it here! I did! Thank-you Phoenix for your generosity of spirit!” Debbie Garrard

…such a loving and beautiful retreat. I knew I had to open my heart more so this weekend was perfect for me. I enjoyed the sharing, gatherings, meals together and the transformation. I loved the location, the connection to mother earth and all of nature. It was very inspiring, nurturing and revitalising. Thank you and the participants for being part of my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ – Sarah Layton

“My innate wisdom has always known that I would need to grieve for all that I have lost on my journey through life. I feel this year marks the beginning of my return to self through grief, joy and love. The serendipity of discovering innate wisdom connection at this time in my life leaves me speechless in gratitude. After the workshop this weekend I wrote a poem as part of my integration, called “her life boat”, that I’d like to share.

She found herself out at sea
And realised she had been there a long time
Like coming out of a dream
Where she had been swimming, swimming for years on end
But now she had awoken
And could feel how her arms had tired
And she knew the only thing to do
Was to let the waves
Carry her to shore.
Is a feeling so great
That our minds will do all they can to fight it
Like a small child in a storm
Trying to swim further out to sea
But Joy
Calls out to us
To let the breath of acceptance fill our lungs
So that we might float on our backs
And with mighty sobs of trust
Let Grief carry us
Like a life boat
to shore“

– May Kavelin

“On my way home from the workshop tonight I was feeling struck by how much pain everyone is carrying. I just love the way Phoenix and Mike create safe space for people to share so honestly about our pasts, whether we’ve been hurt or done the hurting (and it’s always both), and to let our emotions run free and to really see each others humanness. It’s a sacred thing to behold. So sad how much pain there is…and so freeing to know it’s not just me.. thank you to Phoenix and Mike and to the whole beautiful group.” – Theo Kitchener

Turn Off The Sun
a poem by luke argall
Turn off
the sun and switch on the stars,
And fill the sky with magic.
The stories they keep are hidden so deep,
All joyful, romantic and tragic.
Rub out the clouds and turn up the moon,
The night is about being seen.
And up there in space theres no better place,
To wish, or to prey, or to dream.
Keep seeking out wisdom,
Take grace by the hand.
With patience and guidance,
Through this sacred old land.
Stand in the moment,
Be present and here.
The heart holds the answers,
To Love, pain and fear.
Stop all the clocks and the world will still turn,
Remember to stand in your truth.
Yesterdays done and tomorrow will come,
Look into yourself for the proof.
Start up your engine, spread wings and let fly,
It’s never too late to see.
Cast up in the air without judgement or care,
And be all you wanted to be.
Keep seeking out wisdom,
Take grace by the hand.
With patience and guidance,
Through this sacred old land.
Stand in the moment,
Be present and here.
The heart holds the answers,
To Love, pain and fear.

‘Phoenix’s guidance and the synergy of the group allowed me to feel safe enough to feel into and release trauma I had carried since age 3. That retreat was a vast fresh breath and a permanent transformation’ – Jalyaysmaller

‘The Vision Dreaming Retreat is (a) powerful healing experience and reconnection with Mother Eart. I did my first one last year and look forward for months to each one. Each one is unique and precious. I now leave feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Thank you for yoru beautiful facilitation at this retreat. I will be doing the next one xx’ – Carol McCoy

‘Thank you for providing a safe space away from the madness of our world and providing the opportunity to connect with myself, nature and others.‘ – Nicole Fisher

‘A time to real, let go, surrender to the unknown, the mystery of life‘
– Claire Lamicela

‘Wow. I experienced life and death and everything in between, in my body, in my whole being, I was left speechless, my rational mind trying to comprehend something so profound, so intense, so deep and complex, and yet so simple. After I came back, I left this power, this strange feeling inside me, that I was more than myself, that I was many, I had dreams memories about my ancestors, powerful women, who walked this earth, matriachs who held their heads high, warriors with doubled edged swords on their hips, I felt my grand mother in my body, I felt her power.” – Lakshmi

“I got so much from this weekend. You provided a warm safe space to dive deep and then to emerge refreshed and with a whole new perpective. And I had a great time to boot!!” Michelle Fisher

“I walked through a circle of fire, I knew it had to be done, I needed support and safety and I got this from the smaller size- movie night at healing intensive copyworkshop. Thank you!” – Natalie Hemerleich

“An amazing, personal, sacred journey to the centre of the soul. Thank you for your guidance, patience, unconditional love and gifts” Michelle Little

“Roaarrr, unleash the wild woman! Thank you Phoenix x” Amara Shepard

“A beautiful truly safe space with a group of varied but equally inspiring people. Sururparising, enlightening and absolutely worth every second. I didnt want it to end.”
– Alarna

” I felt my emotional resilience had been rewired, as my ability to be more present to myself and the others had strengthened, particularly in communication. I am really thankful to you, Phoenix, your retreats are certainly one of a kind.. deep, expansive and charismatic. Your wisdom, presence and guidance create a very real and genuine time space/void. During the retreat I finally had the ability to see my authentic nature clearer… your process was such an honour to explore, revealing my polarities and nuturing childhood trauma. ” – Rachael Bauman

“Aaah! Heart so opened. Mind so quieted. Tears lovingly let flowed. Among loving people in a safe environment the spirit has been given space to open up and fly. No limits. No ‘should be’s. Just love and letting what is there be there. Love, love, love and thanks to you, Phoenix!” Tao

“I would recommend this workshop as an amazing and truly expanding experience. Throw caution to the wind and just do it!” Rosalie Robinson

“It truly was a healing and openhearted transformation. An amazing and unbelievable life-changing experience that was the beginning of an awesome journey. Thank you so much. I am feeling blessed and free and whole again.” Melanie Jarvis

‘Phoenix, you took me into a space where you brought me in touch with my ancestor, from so long before, the impact of that experience is still resonating within my being. I experienced the death of my grand father in my body. After 15 years, I had closure. Thank you so much for that!! My rational mind struggled, and this is what it has to say….such a safe space, a space that my body and soul remembered from generations ago, a healing space that my ancestors are so used to, that my whole being responded with such ease, with such intensity, with such familiarity. your healing transcends culture, language, space and time.

It is true healing that any sentient spirit would recognise and respond to’ – Lakshmi

“Life-changing, so blessed to have experienced this workshop with amazing people. Breath. Love. Light.” Hinetero Marino
“With Phoenix’s sensitive and wise guidance, my relationship with nature shifted from that of an appreciative observer, to experiencing myself as a part of nature; as part of the story of creation. It’s a profound and beautiful experience, and it changes every-thing.” Michelle McIntyre

“I stepped into the heart of mother earth for some deep healing on the weekend with Phoenix Arrien for a dream vision retreat. What a loving space created for us to be in the moment and learn from nature”. Jen Eastwood

“The greates gift of space and time – to re-discover self, connect with the energy that nutures. To lie in the safe embrace of deep rooted forest. To breathe deep and remember I am part and always coupled with these trees, rocks, insects and animals. At times risky, but with all new adventures are. To find childlife job in the play of the breeze in the leaves to a profound conversation with the spirt of the myrtle beech giant. It is and will always be a gift to myself – these 4 days :-)” – Cass

“A gift form you, other humans and nature. I recognised a deeper need fo recommuning with nature more often; listening to ‘her’ messages and offering back to ‘her’. The retreat gave me an opportunity to reflect and connect to myself to be held and give to others in community sharing, food, friendsip and new experiences.”

“Thank you so much for your support and caring. I feel encourage to open again and shine.” – Menka

“What an amazing weekend. I did a retreat. I put my stressed-out and confused pieces back together in the right order, reconnected with Nature in the rainforest and found the next step to take on my way to fulfilling my life’s purpose. Not a bad result for one weekend of work! – Fam Metje

“OMG…. Such opening to everything that is real… Heart especially…. So so grateful to you Phoenix and to every person their… Love love love xo – Paul Constantin

“I feel so Blessed…It was wonderful to see men showing up and stepping up, dropping their armour and reaching deep into their hearts – allowing themselves to crack open…It was a deep honour. Blessings on your journey xx” – Christina Reeves

“I am changed today and forever. Blessed we have been and blessed we are.”
– Becky Lee

“I was frequently conscious of your patience and caring as we stumbled, resisted and struggled with our contradictions on the journey toward healing, and of the skill involved in what you do. This work has made me feel stronger in myself and more alive, and I also am aware that the journey is an ongoing one and there are indeed ‘many rivers to cross’. But I now feel a sense of excitement and momentum that I am on that journey, and I feel that working with you both is, and will be an important part of that journey for me.masks of council of all beings deep eco weekend june 2013 riddels creek

Once again, thank you both for sharing this work with us, and giving your passion and commitment to our healing and transformational journey. I believe it is really important work that you are doing, not just for individuals but for healing our families, communities and planet. I look forward to journeying again with you soon! With love and gratitude.” – Keppel Cassidy



“It was amazing that such a powerful journey could be taken in just one weekend, and online at that! I found the Baba Yaga weekend brought me much clarity and a coming together of some pieces of my puzzle, but also a taste of feeling comfortable with the unknown and acceptance in the ongoing process of healing.

I was nervous about some of the creative activities, not being a particularly crafty/artistic person, but as with so much, the process of moving through that was a teacher in itself, and I ended up very happy with my efforts! It was lovely being amongst “sisters” and being witnessed lovingly whilst facing a few fears was beautifully empowering. Thankyou Phoenix & Liz, you both made it such a safe, loving space.” – Serena Hansen


“A much appreciated week of deep change on the Heroine’s journey with Phoenix Arrien – a process of unveiling of masks, in trust, the veils float away & a sharing of self in naked truth that nurtures the soul & allows the inner light to shine. Awesome journey & Trusted Process. Thankyou Phoenix Arrien & Mike Lowe” – Catheryn Thompson

“Spending the past week in this sweet town of Iluka (on Heroine’s Journey) participating in a retreat, diving deep into the psyche. I was gifted this retreat at a moment in time when the earth felt pulled from beneath me. The time up here has reminded me that everything is unfolding in its own sacred alignment, and when I can soften and move with the waters of life, the gifts waiting to be recieved are far more valuable then the experiences that are left behind

I am so grateful to Innate Wisdom Connection…the inner burdens my psyche has been carrying are resolving into the past where they belong. Me and my inner child are ready to work alongside each other…..let the rebirth begin.” – Michelle Jayne


“I have returned from north qld with new insites into holding space for myself and other people’s emotions. Emotions must be moved through the body. They must be expressed! And it feels good to do so with tribe holding space. Thank you Innate Wisdom Connection for the journey! ❤❤❤” – Tomara Way

” I feel so deeply transformed after experiencing the Eco Healing Adventure in the Tarkine with Phoenix and Mike. I experienced such deep connection to myself, the other participants and Source through the magic of the Tarkine Wilderness and the profound and powerful processes that our Facilitators guided us through.

Phoenix and Mike created a safe sacred space for authentic relating, allowing participants to unfold, release and transform in their own natural rhythm. It was such an honour to be a part of a process that enabled men and women to come together in this way and to witness, honour and bless each others journey as we brought our shadows into the light and worked through the processes in a very real way, enabling us to express our rawness and our vulnerability and be held safely in this space.

What I loved most about this retreat was that the Facilitators were an equal part of our group, experiencing the journey for themselves as well as holding the space. It was very humbling and made it a very real experience for me – we were all traversing this together. Rather than being dictated to by experts Mike and Phoenix skillfully opened the space for each participant’s inner wisdom to shine through and guide their own journey through the process. I highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting to experience deep connection on all levels” – Christina Reeves

“Nothing could have prepared me for the beautiful surprise and gift of friendship, kinship and spirit friends as we all gathered in honour of connecting back to Mother Earth, Gaia, Spirit, Source. In love.” – JoaAnne Hewatt

“It’s been a month and I still feel ongoing positive change in myself after the Tarkine, a definite shift in my ability to love and be kind and accepting to myself which is such a blessed relief and all thanks to you guys. (And so amazing after EVERYTHING I’ve tried) I think of you all often with love n gratitude” – Dale Shaddick

“Thankyou for your motivation & compassion. After these 2 weeks (in the Kimberley) I do feel regenerated, emotionally stronger & creatively inspired.The landscape holds so many stories & the water bubbles down, down, deeper & deeper – the frogs speak volumes…Eco-healing, water, land, community & communications. It was indeed an interested quadrant we formed in this space. That bum up head Down trek across the river was both hysterical (to use a Kim word) & instructive – laughter is one of the best medicines & trust in my own ability to ford streams & obstacles.” – Catheryn Thompson
“What a great experience. The forest , swimming, kayaking – a first for me – have loved it all. Thank you, Phoenix, may the journey continue.” – Cynthia

“An amazing 5 days in the Tarkine – in a sacred space that you crated. Yes we co-created but you created that space for us to grow into. That’s magic you weild lady.” – Phil Harrington

“I am more allured and ready than ever to get out closer to the wilderness and embrace a new job, scene and lifestyle. It was such an amazing opportunity down in the Tarkine to set some intentions and heed the calls to open some new doors and windows.” – Naomi Smith

“Laugh, new friend. A new community, a furthering and extending of a special web. A new seeing, a learning to smell, breathe, touch and take in nature and an urgency to protect her.”
Love, Rob

“…serene enchantment from this wilderness adventure and the amazing connections reflections on pieman river tarkine 2016with nature and with one another that we had the chance to share. My heart has been fully filled and is open wide” – Naomi Smith

“My Mother Tree connecting me to the earth…….. a 4000 year old Huon Pine deep in the Tarkine (Tasmania). Such happiness and emotion after a long, deep, meaningful and often painful journey to finally be connected to find peace and contentment in my life. Thank you Mother Earth.

Thank you to facilitators Phoenix Arrien and Mike Lowe for guiding our ‘journey’, Tobias Wiseowl for feeding us and especially the other participants who without sharing their souls honesty, trust in each other and love, this would not have been possible” – Andrew Browne

‘Another amazing retreat and such a beautiful group. We have shared so much. Thank you for your healing and holding the space for me to release. This felt really profound and big stuff for me this time. The connection with Mother Earth on these retreats and the safe space of the group really allows for the cleansing and letting go. I am so grateful for finding Openhearted Transformation.’ – Cindy Mathers

“In the amazing forests of the Tarkine, the brilliant greens, trees, ferns, plants greeted me and nurtured my spirit… the ancient one-legged beings welcomed me… the forest filled my heart with love and wisdom and reassurance that I was on the right path…much love and gratitude to my fellow travellers..may the journey continue and our paths cross again as we heal ourselves, then our world!” – Cindy Mathers

“…loved exploring the area, the water holes etc. Basically being ‘out & about’ connecting with surrounds. Also having some time away from screens was fantastic. Loved the creative/hands on activities too…photography, poetry or journal writing, music etc. So more of that too. Preparing and building the camp fire etc…
The circle activities were an eye opener too. Creating a ‘norm’ for checking in with one’s own and other’s emotions…seeing others doing it regularly was great. Enjoyed having ‘time out’ at the pool with (other teens) – JD

“What really stands out for me is the gift of having some time with her…away from all the usual distractions.” – Mum with her teen


“I have been waiting for years for something like this. Two decades of intense internal dialogue, working through anxiety, addiction, depression, dissociation, isolation, all neatly covered over with a light hearted workaholic got-it-all-together mask to hide the black hole inside. And in perfect timing was invited to the Trauma Trust and Sex workshop last weekend. I had a feeling it would be profound, and it was, so much so that I have committed myself to the upcoming fortnight retreat in the busiest time of the year, because my belly and my heart know it’s the work I need to do right now.

Lifting handsI realised how much had shifted when I was at a social event last night, surrounded by a tribe I have known for years and have loved but never felt I belonged to due to severe social anxiety and a myriad of other psychosomatic illnesses. Half way through the evening I realised I was in each moment so wholly that I had forgotten to feel self-conscious, had forgotten I didn’t belong, had forgotten how to be insecure, had forgotten to be exhausted, had forgotten to put up boundaries. I had remembered to embrace and be embraced by many beautiful souls, embraced by their arms, embraced by their open smiling faces, embraced by the warmth of their hearts.

I remembered how to be ok in the presence of others, and a huge part of that is because of the incredibly supportive and transformative space Phoenix and Mike hold together. They have a gift of witnessing unflinching each person in their whole messy chaotic perfect humanness without judgement. An unconditional acceptance of every participant teases their pure light to surface with a gentle invitation to explore inner landscapes in the safety of community. It’s the kind of space that allows you to shred all that holds you back, the kind of space I would love all I hold dear to experience, the kind of space that makes you feel at home in yourself. How truly valuable.

Thank you Phoenix Arrien and Mike Lowe, I look forward to unraveling and unfolding with you again.
– Tjoni Johansen

“The Trauma, Trust and Sex workshop was a powerful experience for me. I felt I was stepping further into reclaiming my power and my presence as a feeling, loving being. The processes you led us through were each doorways into healing, deeper experiencing and relating, and there was a beautiful balance between heart, body and mind in them.

I want to thank you and Mike deeply for sharing this work with us, and for holding the space for our personal and collective processes to unfold. You both have deep integrity and a passionate commitment to the work, and were always willing to show up to work with whatever was happening for us and gently guide us towards our growth point” – Keppel Cassidy

Thankyou to Phoenix Arrien & Mike Lowe for an amazing weekend at the Trauma, Trust & Sex Workshop retreat. It was truly such an invaluable experience which has helped me clarify, clear, heal & release so much that was needed (to be)! And to all the beautiful souls i shared the space with, thankyou so much 🙂 – Carolyn Davies

“Just got back from a four day Trauma Trust and Sex workshop retreat in Warburton with Phoenix and Mike and am so ready for the next step. I don’t seriously plug many workshops but this is such amazing work to untie and unbind from the limitations that hold us down and prevent us from doing what we’re meant to be doing. Hope to see some tribe at the next one…” – Tjoni Johansen

“Hello Phoenix…I’d like to express my gratitude for the space to realise and express some of the trauma I had no idea i was holding onto. I came away with so much from what you shared. Thank you to you and Christina.” – Mary Jane

“Here is the piece I wrote as my Integration ‘Artwork’ at this week’s TTS Workshop

Hearts sharing
Souls baring
Emotions flaring
People caring

Seeking, yearning
Breaking, burning
Emotions turning
Minds discerning

Trembling, shaking
Bodies quakingcentrepeice at byron workshop july 2015
Hearts are breaking
Stories reshaping

Patterns repeating
Emotions fleeting
Fists are beating
Habits retreating

Souls retrieving
Hearts believing
Minds deceiving
Old ways receding

Unmasking, revealing
Unraveling and healing
Tapping into feeling
Minds are reeling

Standing in Truth, connecting to heart
Authentic sharing, the art of caring

We dream, we create
Leap forward, hesitate
Made up then undone
The journey has just begun………….”

Christina Reeves

Online Weekly Support Groups:

‘Phoenix and Mike just wanted to say thanks for holding such a safe space for the 6 week personal development group. It was great to meet people and build trust to share how life has been for myself during the COVID experience.

I was feeling very isolated so an option to connect was great. I always feel nervous around joining groups but the both of you work so well together holding space for people. I looked forward each week to connecting with the group and each week l took something away to support myself.

I loved the way we could share with each other and how flexible you both were to support what was coming up in the group and how adaptable you both where. I loved that anything was welcome and that l could cry laugh or feel any emotions l was feeling. I love that nothing was to much. It was pretty special and lm looking forward to the next one. Feeling grateful to all involved thanks so much’ – Liz

“I came to innate wisdom connection knowing that something was very wrong in the way I live my life. I was miserable, angry, alone. Blaming others for my problems. Feeling very stuck. Desperate for help.

Phoenix and Mike have given me tools to understand myself and my problems so much better than I could ever have imagined. Using these tools I have been able to begin unlocking the chains of my social conditioning wrapped around me.

They have helped me realise I can’t keep blaming other people for my problems. That most of my problems are within me, how I see things, the situations that I create, the parts of myself which I reject and try to bury.

Above all, they have shown me the enormous power of expressing my emotions. Not expressing my emotions appears to be what has been holding me back this whole time.

I came to enable wisdom connection looking for deep introspection and life changing wisdom. I got what I wanted! I’m very grateful to Mike and Phoenix for the work they do. It has been a miracle for me.” – Nicholas Reader

Shamanic Training

“Dear Phoenix and Mike. I want to thank you deeply for inviting the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to Australia. It was a fantastic week of courses, but not only that, I feel that it really helped to bring contemporary shamanic practise into our country in a way that all people can practice, no matter where they are from. I personally believe contemporary western society is deeply ill and in dire need of shamanic help and you have helped open a door to that in a very real, practical way. Thank you so much for all the work you do in this space. xxx ” Fam Charko

Online groups: `` The basic principles in IWC that make it so real for me, I'd summarise as: 'Learning to know one's own (emotion/mind/experience) so that one may tunefully engage with right action for the self'. This quest for self knowledge & acknowledging the truth of what's happened is the path of healing. The group work is a quantum process because we are both actor & observer - as many are in life. We don't place ourselves in the hands of a healer who 'does it to us' we are guided as a group to heal ourselves 💓💓💓.``