Healing, Bodywork & Circles

Improve your life, resolve, be supported and free yourself of blocks, patterns and more that are causing pain, disturbance, difficulties or illness.

Feel deep profound openhearted support for your journey. All and anyone welcome! Read More

Shamanic Extraction Healing

This is allows identification and removal of localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. You don’t need to do anything but lie down and sit up. Sometimes I may have my hands on various parts of your body. Read More

Relaxation & Meditation

Weekends that will immerse you in different types of meditation for calm, tranquillity and inner growth. Slow down, take time out from the franticness of daily life or sort out a few of life’s questions in peace. Harmonious environment, nature and freedom. Quality time-out for inner calm. Read More

Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is a laying on hands technique where life force energy flows through me into you. Everyone’s experience is different. Some people feel something such as warmth, sense of wellbeing, unblocking etc while others do not feel anything or feel something later. It works wether or not you are feeling anything. Read More

Individual, Couple, Family & Group Sessions

Phoenix & Mike offer private sessions for anyone who would like to explore and discover healing, transformation, direction, purpose, recovery from trauma or PTSD, spiritual emergence, crisis support, healing from incest, rape, abuse,, physical, psychological or emotional conditions, illness and more. We work with individuals, couples, triads, quads, families, communities and organisations. Enquire Now