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Saturday, December 12, 2020 / Whole day
The Hero/Heroine’s Journey

Ancient cultures understood the importance of these psychological growth processes and used story, ceremony and initiation rituals to help guide people through the various challenges and trials that life throws at them.
Nowadays we lack such guidance and tribal support and many people are left struggling to figure it out on their own. If only they knew that countless generations of people have faced their own versions of these challenges and left a map for us to follow – the distilled wisdom of the elders encoded into stories and myths.
The Hero/Heroine’s Journey is week long workshop where we de-code that ancient wisdom in a way that helps us overcome and triumph over our own trials and suffering through unlocking our own hidden inner (and outer) resources. As well as drawing on Joseph Campbell’s work, we also draw on Maureen Murdock’s The Heroine’s Journey. An unforgettable Journey!