Shamanic Healings

Shamanic Healing

This is your invitation to heal and transform using energies, spirit guides and animals, ancestor and the wisdom of Spirit.

For thousands of years, the medicine men and women of indigenous cultures have understood the physical and spiritual inter-connectedness of all things. These sessions follow the Shamanic perspective on healing. It is about restoring health, vitality, balance, and right-relationship with body, mind, emotions and soul and retrieving the aspects of Self (or Soul) that become fragmented through difficulties, trauma, neglect, pressure, fears or other experiences.

Shamanic Extraction Healing

This is allows identification and removal of localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. You don’t need to do anything but lie down and sit up. Sometimes I may have my hands on various parts of your body.

Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond

Assistance for souls stuck on their journey out of this world. Going into the after-death realms and finding the person you feel may ‘still be around’ I assist in completing unfinished business, helping the person to cross over (classic psychopomp work) and be released.

Soul Retrieval Training

Do you feel incomplete, not ‘together’, scattered, ungrounded, etc?

It could be that portions of soul that splinter off due to trauma or other situations where we may not have been able to feel the associated emotions. Shamans believe that soul loss is a common source of illness, depression, and chronic fatigue, as well as a variety of mental and emotional disorders.

I find and retrieve these portions in journeys and bring them back and help you integrate them.

Shamanic Divination

Do you need or want to find answers to some questions? Journeying into non-ordinary reality I help (without gauranteeing anything 🙂 find the answers or directions towards resolution.

Sessions 1 – 2 hours. Available Monday – Saturdays.

Rate is $110 / $90 conc per session. Sliding scale avail.

Sessions are held online/remotely, St Kilda and Warburton. Please contact Phoenix.

To schedule an appointment please click on this link: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=14462898

Contact Phoenix 0407 650026 or [email protected] or through this website


‘Since my soul retrieval with you, I have so much more energy available to me. I feel so energised & passionate about my work. My petsitting practice is thriving and I am slowly working towards realising my vision – establishing an equine healing retreat/animal sanctuary, where people can come to stay to heal through their connection to animals. Thank you so much for facilitating this healing, which has changed my way of life.  I look forward to attending another workshop soon’ – Elisa de Silva

‘Wow. I experienced life and death and everything in between, in my body, in my whole being, I was left speechless, my rational mind trying to comprehend something so profound, so intense, so deep and complex, and yet so simple. After I came back, I left this power, this strange feeling inside me, that I was more than myself, that I was many, I had dreams memories about my ancestors, powerful women, who walked this earth, matriachs who held their heads high, warriors with doubled edged swords on their hips, I felt my grand mother in my body, I felt her power.’ – Lakshmi

‘Phoenix, I feel so much more in tune with me, and when I really feel into it the soul retrieval really took me back yo the ‘me’ from before my first marriage, from when my Dad has been saying I have never really been me again….but I really have been feeling so much more me in the last 6 months & this process is really supporting that’. – Vanessa Beckitt

“My creative energy is abounding, writing and performing, ideas flowing in and generally feeling quite bold and fearless. I’m feeling quite fine and incredibly balanced in all the elements. I have a lot more clarity and strength of conviction to keep plowing ahead in ways that are connected and fun. As a consequence I have been attracting all that I need to continue enjoying my journey forward. Thank you” – Michele