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7-Day Healing & Transformation Retreat (Nrthn NSW)

7-Day  Healing & Transformation Retreat

Heal, transform, open, release, let go and connect…

The Deep Expansive Healing & Transformation Retreat: Healing Your Hurts, Living Your Essence, Flowing Your Bliss

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This is your invitation to spend a week to change your life in the safety of a supportive healing community, connecting with the energies of nature and guided by your own innate healer, the group’s wisdom and the synchronicity of Spirit. You don’t need any prior experience of shamanic, energetic or earth-based work and this work does not involve use of substances or plant medicines.

We are honoured that Auntie Jenny, a Wakka-Kabi elder and healer from Southern Queensland will be joining the retreat to share healing and culture. Her warmth and compassion touches every person who is fortunate enough to spend time with her. Phoenix and Mike will be weaving their facilitation to allow the full expression of Auntie’s gifts.

Sun 26 July – Sat 1 Sept

Investment: $1450 full, $1295 concession (Early Bird pricing to 30 June: $1350 full, $1195 concession)

Includes accommodation in, Iluka, NSW, all meals, materials, facilitation, individual and group healings, accommodation in shared rooms. Please contract us if you are experiencing financial hardship.


A $250 deposit will secure your place, payable by clicking on the link to the left, by e-banking, or cheque. For more options, call 0407 650 026 or contact us via the contact page.

This week of powerful, safe, sacred, empowering, life-changing healing and transformation is being offered in Iluka, NSW in a large house on the waterfront. Nearby is the glorious rainforest and coastal beauty by Bundjalung National Park! If you ever wanted to connect and share with like-minded people, open your heart, feel the ease and power of who you under the layers, be nurtured and nourished or experience genuine transformation, then this is the week for you!

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience indigenous healing and story-telling
  • Heal and transform issues that are affecting you in your life including both physical and emotionalwhen patterns break aspects
  • Discover deeper personal expression and authenticity
  • Feel your personal space within the group and yourself and let go of that which doesn’t support your current situation
  • Expand your ability to connect with yourself and others in different ways
  • Be supported and held within circle in deep unflinching ways that nourish mind, body, emotions and soul
  • Increase self-empowerment by understanding boundaries of where you end and others begin, while stepping into the paradox of one-ness
  • Explore aspects of the sacred masculine and feminine in connection and communication
  • Deepen awareness of your priorities and values and how to stand firmly in them in the world with compassion and personal power
  • Move forward with understanding and awareness to make positive changes in your life


  • Connection, deep listening and inner awareness
  • Individual and group work
  • Indigenous healing and story-telling
  • Process worksmaller size healing weekend copy
  • Bodywork
  • Men’s business and women’s business and exploring how the Masculine and Feminine interact in healthy and unhealthy ways
  • Deep relaxation
  • Embodiment and movement
  • Sharing and circle time
  • Connection to self, others and nature
  • Connection with the community of all living beings

Location is on the beach at Woody Head, near Iluka, Northern NSW. Pick ups from the bus stop at Iluka is available.

For questions please call 0407 650 026 or through the contact page.


Phoenix ArrienPhoenix Arrien has over 20 years experience, providing sacred transformation and healing spaces for people to, heal and self-discover. Her training and experience includes Aus indigenous healing, Native American healing, Maori Bodywork, Cherokee bodywork, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process Work, Voice Dialogue, Healing Ecology, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation. She believes that safe space, sacred process, loving community and non-judgemental presence allows healing and transformation to emerge and deep profound change to occur.

Mike LoweMike Lowe has over 20 years international experience leading transformational workshops in the areas of trustbuilding and reconciliation. He has worked with politicians and young leaders in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism and has worked with police and former militia leaders in Solomon Islands. His particular gift is in creating safe spaces in which transformation can occur, and he has a particular interest in earth-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom, Process Work, Focussing, Voice-Dialogue, Archetypes, and supporting the rise of healthy and authentic Masculine and Feminine energies as we transition from Patriarchal and colonial ways of being.

grandmother_gninAunty Jenny Thompson is a Wakka-Kabi woman from Southern Queensland, the co-founder of Gin-Murun-Gari, cultural and spiritual healer and story teller. She is co-owner of the Junjarina Centre for Inspired Living at Tingalpa in Brisbane along with her many other roles as a respected and sought after family counsellor and therapist. Her work spans many decades and many situations. She is also intimately connected to the Anglican Church. Aunty is a long-time teacher of Phoenix Arrien’s and a deeply respected and skilled indigenous healer.


“OMG! What an amazing, powerful, transformation, letting go… Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect more deeply with my body, emotions and soul. Than you for the opportunity to share in community. So much gratitude and love.” Sharrn Earthwise

“Exceeded my expectations. Nurturing, growth, support, love, community, fun, deep support, nature. Utterly professional, caring, knowledgable, intuitive. Would recommend your special and deeply necessary work to anyone.” Rob Lamicela
“This workshop…deep and expansive with Phoenix holding the space for each unique individual participant. There was a rich variety of processes and balance between being inside th workshop space and outside in nature. Very heartfelt and beautiful space to share and be!” Claire Lamicela

‘How to articulate the gifts received from this intensive…deeply loving, nurturing, unravelling…and honest, deep healing. Phoeix has held us so well…I feel overwhelming gratitude, thank you!’ Saskia Post

‘An amazing gift. this fantastic experience of 7 days…beautiful time spent with amazing, real, heartfelt, genuine people. A heart opening experience. My heart, my life, has been renewed and I have a new strength now within to start a new (another) journey – a new beginning.’ Amara Shepherd

‘A real experience! If you are seeking to open your soul and your heart…I am really thankful I put myself in this space for the week which opened up pains I had shut down in my body but also opened up the possibility to let gho of them. I felt safe.’ Stephen Cooper

‘I had little knowledge of what was in store for this retreat, but it exceeded anything I could have expected and needed. A wonderful balance of connecting with nature, connecting to self and most importantly being held so deeply in vulnerability. Thanks for offering such a powerful space for growth and nurturance.’ Ariana

‘A fantastic week in a fantastic location. Beautiful people, land, river, birds, bush and food. A week embracing healing, letting go, laughter, dance, stillness and contemplation.’ Shauna Cotter


Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are available up to 21 days before this workshop date less 10% admin/banking fee. After these dates, 50% refund is available until 14 days before the start date of this workshop, when no refund is available. No refunds during or after the workshop.