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ECO-HEALING ADVENTURE: Kimberley Wilderness Coast, WA

Let yourself be re-born into the wild breath of ancient Country! An incredible life-changing Experience like no other!

3 – 9 June 2017

Eco-Healing Retreat: Shamanic Deep Ecology, Sacred Ecology & Healing Ecology in the Kimberley Wilderness


A world outside of worlds, yet an inner experience of hugely significant proportions! The Eastern Kimberley is a magnificent and breathtaking setting for our Winter Eco-healing retreat. Join us for a week out of the ordinary as we gather to open with, connect into,  and wonder at this incredible country.

We stay on Aboriginal land at the beach on the northern West Australian coast.

We immerse ourselves in an aboriginal-owned wilderness camp with a range of basic but comfortable accommodation options, 220km north of Broome, at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula.

The amazing wildlife, the vast array of marine life and the stunning coastline, makes this a truly unique experience. On the very edge of Australia’s north-west corner, the red soil, great birds and glittering incandescent ocean of the western Kimberley enthralls and open’s the heart in ways nowhere else inspires.

Two indigenous communities – Djarindjin and Ardyaloon – of the Bardi People manage the camp in line with the community’s aspirations and their inherent knowledge of the land.

glowingtreeWe enter country and explore the land, beaches and water in ways that are not your usual experience of country. One of the Bardi people will show us Country to help us understand the indigenous way of being there.

The rest of the time deep we go, exploring beyond the surface and immersed in the vast visual beauty, as we open and strengthen our connections with all beings and the spirit of the country and the energies that create an unique web of life in this ancient land.

We come to embody that human identity exists at the intersection of the ancient cycles of air, water and soil. In spite of the pervasive illusion of separation, in reality no separation is possible between nature and ourselves.

sunlight through treesArne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oslo University, suggested that what is needed are community therapies “healing our relations to the widest community, that of all living beings”. By acknowledging our interconnectedness we invite the spontaneous healing of the psyche.

In this retreat we participate in a series of processes and rituals informed by those used by indigenous peoples throughout time. Using personal sharing, experiential Healing Ecology – the two way process of healing the earth and the earth healing us – experiential Deep Ecology, a nourishing exploration of physical, emotional, mental and tactile senses, we dissolve the separation between person and planet. Vision and empowerment arise naturally from realigning ourselves with the living Earth.


Saturday 2 June – Friday 8 June 2018

Investment: $1995 (full); $1595 (Early Bird price till 31 March)
Special combined price of $3490 ($3000 Early Bird) for this retreat and the Eastern Kimberley retreat together. Includes accommodation, meals, facilitation, transfers from Broome etc.
A $250 deposit will secure your place.

Cancellation policy for this event: Refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 3 months before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees 30 days before the workshop begins. No refund 30 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop. Tickets may be transferred to others at no cost.

If you want to experience the ultimate double retreat, join us for the Eastern Kimberley Integration & Creativity Replenishment Retreat and get 20% off. More info on the Eastern Kimberley Retreat click here!

Payment plans and installment systems are available. Contact us now to begin!

A $250 deposit will secure your place. Payment plans available. To book please visit www.trybooking.com/SGZZ or for questions please call 0407 650 026 or email info@openheartedtransformation.com.au or contact us here

To read an article about Healing Ecology published in Living Now magazine please click here: Healing ourselves Healing the Earth – eco article

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More info on the venues, transportation, the aboriginal custodians and location details click here

Approx program – subject to change as this is an experiential unfolding:

Day 1: Gather in Broome, travel to Cape Leveque, overview, intro, sharing, community creation, connections, grounding & relaxation

Day 2: Sacred space in nature, Deep Ecology experiences, coastal walk

Day 3: Indigenous tour, Healing Ecology experiences, deep nature connection, elements, wilderness immersion

Day 4: Connection, Healing Ecology, own time afternoon, night experience

Day 5: Surrendering to the land, opening hearts, community circle, shamanic journey or meditation

Day 6: Deep connection, nature wander, solo reflection and creativity

Day 7:  Consolidation, completion, moving forth, celebration, travel back to Broome

We stay in permanent tents at an aboriginal-owned camp by the coast at Cape Leveque is nestled on the pristine coast on the northern tip of the Dampier Peninsula.

Cape Leveque is home to a variety of fauna including birds, frogs, lizards, snakes, fish, whales, and other marine life. The vegetation at Kooljaman includes vine thickets, coastal dunes, and pindan.


Phoenix Arrien has 20 years experience, providing sacred transformation and healing spaces for people to smilingtransform, heal and self-discover. She began her career in outdoor education taking people into wilderness and the outdoors letting nature be a medium for personal development and group relating through bushwalking, canoing, rockclimbing, abseiling, rafting, ropes courses and more.

Further training and experience includes Aus indigenous healing, Native American and Sth American healing, Maori and Cherokee bodywork, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process Work, Voice Dialogue, Healing Ecology, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation. She believes that safe space, sacred process, loving community and non-judgemental presence allows healing and transformation to emerge and deep profound change to occur.

DSC_3656Mike Lowe has over 20 years international experience leading transformational workshops in the areas of trustbuilding and reconciliation. He has worked with politicians and young leaders in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism and has worked with police and former militia leaders in Solomon Islands.

A profound affinity with nature and a passion for photography has led him to explore a variety of forms of nature contact. His particular gift is in creating safe spaces in which transformation can occur, and he has a particular interest in earth-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom, Process Work, Focussing, Voice-Dialogue, Archetypes, and supporting the rise of healthy and authentic Masculine and Feminine energies as we transition from Patriarchal and colonial ways of being.

Be inspired, invigorated and be part of nature like never before!

To combine it with an integration retreat in the Eastern Kimberley please click here

For more information and booking details  info@openheartedtransformation.com.au or through this website


“The greates gift of space and time – to re-discover self, connect with the energy that nutures. To lie in the safe embrace of deep rooted forest. To breathe deep and remember I am part and always coupled with these trees, rocks, insects and animals. At times risky, but with all new adventures are. To find childlife job in the play of the breeze in the leaves to a profound conversation with the spirt of the (trees). It is and will always be a gift to myself…:-)” – Cass

“A gift form you, other humans and nature. I recognised a deeper need for recommuning with nature more often; listening to ‘her’ messages and offering back to ‘her’. The retreat gave me an opportunity to reflect and connect to myself to be held and give to others in community sharing, food, friendsip and new experiences.”

“My “Mother Tree” connecting me to the earth… Such happiness and emotion after a long, deep, meaningful and often painful journey to finally be connected to find peace and contentment in my life. Thank you Mother Earth.

Thank you to facilitators Phoenix Arrien and Mike Lowe for guiding our ‘journey’, Tobias Wiseowl for feeding us and especially the other participants who without sharing their souls honesty, trust in each other and love, this would not have been possible” – Andrew Browne

“Thank you so much for your support and caring. I feel encourage to open again and shine.” – Menka

“An amazing time… in a sacred space that you crated. Yes we co-created but you created that space for us to grow into. That’s magic you weild lady.” – Phil Harrington

“Laugh, new friend. A new community, a furthering and extending of a special web. A new seeing, a learning to smell, breathe, touch and take in nature…. Love, Rob” – Rob Lamicela
sabina buddha touched earth sept 13

Cancellation policy for this workshop: refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 30 days before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees 14 days before the workshop begins. No refund 14 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop.