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Healing Depression & Anxiety Courses – Melb, Vic

Healing Depression & Anxiety course

We are excited to announce that Innate Wisdom Connection is offering an effective and empowering 6-week course on Healing Depression & Anxiety.



COURSE 1: Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm from Sept 6th to October 11th 2018

Location: Alma Road Community House, 200 Alma Rd, St Kilda, VIC 3182
(Click here to see map of location >>)

Cost: $25 (full) $20 (conc.) per night if all six sessions are pre-booked via the “Book Now” button below

or $30 ($25 concession) cash only on the door.


COURSE 2: Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm from November 8th to December 13th 2018

Location: Alma Road Community House, 200 Alma Rd, St Kilda, VIC 3182
(Click here to see map of location >>)

Cost: $25 (full) $20 (conc.) per night if all six sessions are pre-booked via the “Book Now” button below

or $30 ($25 concession) cash only on the door.


Please note: Courses 1 and 2 are identical, just at different times

Questions or to discuss: Phoenix 0407 650026 or info@openheartedtransformation.com.au

This is for anyone who is experiencing depression, anxiety, or any kind of emotional turmoil or difficulty.

We believe that you hold the keys to your own healing so we work with you without agenda or labels and we do not tell you what you should be doing but respectfully and effectively work with you to create a life that uniquely suits you.

According to Beyond Blue, an estimated 45% of Australians will Catina falling and being held wakiti creek 2015experience a mental health condition in their lifetime and at any one time, around 1 million Australians have depression and 2 million have anxiety. Of these, many people will be prescribed medications and/or talk therapy to make the symptoms more bearable. While medications and other programs can help for a while, unless we address the deeper causes, health and healing may well be beyond reach.

We believe that depression and anxiety is a signal that something deeper is going and we extend an invitation to examine our lives so that something far better can emerge. The Healing Depression course will include many of the features that make our Healing & Transformation retreats and workshops so successful plus a few new ones:

  • an emphasis on creating safe space and trust

  • an integrated holistic and shamanic approach looking at mind, body, spirit, family and community

  • a healthy approach to feeling and expressing emotions, including anger, shame and grief

  • following the lead of each person’s innate wisdom rather than imposing a fixed set of solutions

  • working with, and healing, trauma

  • individual, pair and group work and processes

  • bodywork and somatic experiences

  • practical and accessible tools to take with you into your everyday life

  • being witnessed and supported in our deepest truth – no matter what it looks like

  • reconnecting with our bodies, our emotions and other people

masks of council of all beings deep eco weekend june 2013 riddels creekThis is for anyone over 18 of any background, sexuality, belief or gender. To give interested people a chance to see if this is for them, the first week of the course will be ‘open’ for people to try it out. From the 2nd evening the course will be closed to newcomers so that deeper confidentiality, very solid trust and mutual support can be allow deeper healing.

We look forward to welcoming you and journey with you into ease, healing and wholeness!

To find out more or discuss anything please call Phoenix on 0407 650026 or email info@innatewisdomconnection.com.au

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I’m so grateful that you have shared yourselves and your work with me and the world. I put it out to the universe that I find someone doing a mix of Psychotherapy & Shamanic healing that I could learn from only about 6 weeks ago and here you both are!

I didn’t know what to expect but wow you exceeded any and all idea’s i may have on what that may look like. Your work is beautifully paced, loved the combination of both your energies, Mike’s theory/science explanations as well as his grounded shamanic practice to back up Phoenix’s light and playful yet deep shamanic healing art sometimes subtle and sometimes more obvious. I saw so much in the healing/therapy, elements of somatic bodywork, energy work, mindfulness and psychodrama.
All the things I love and probably more I didn’t see or have yet to encounter. I experienced personal healing on a profound level and feel very excited about what possibilities may lay ahead.” – Heather Cavill Greer, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Reike Master


  • I haven’t had a migraine since leaving the retreat!! My longest break in years! Almost a miracle! I’m now re-pondering my migraine causes and management

  • Feeling joy in simple things for the first time in years

  • Feeling more playful – finding myself laughing more, and generally lighter & brighter

  • Have been drawn back to Zumba, and am experiencing joy in dance again

  • Feeling more confidence, inspiration, energy and enthusiasm

  • Noticeable improvements in clarity in my thinking and ability to communicate

  • I’ve had some interesting and very real conversations that I couldn’t have had before without experiencing emotional overwhelm. 

  • Feeling drawn to connect – reaching out to people that I’ve known for a while, but not really connected with. Generally, wanting to be around people more.

Much gratitude to you! I am very happy to recommend you, your retreats and your wonderful transformative work” – Denise Belling

Just wanted to let you know how refreshed I feel …this morning I woke up feeling renewed…on a personal level I am feeling a shift occur. The forming of a new neural pathway perhaps!! Anyway it’s exciting and I am very interested in the “mysterious”way you 2 work individually and together. It’s mysterious to me in a positive way and I know I will have this experience again one day. Thanks so much.” – Andrea francine

“I’m starting to see the light again and even working out what road/path I’m on and where I would like it to go or take me on this life journey…a shift/change in my life where the physical chronic pain that I had experienced for years changed and went away…I no longer feel numb with pain! This is such a relief to not be in physical pain anymore! – Teresa Buchanan

“Thank you for providing this healing experience – I feel I have been connected to my inner self and believing now no matter what the circumstances  I have the truth and strength to stand tall. I love me and I need to take care of her, we are all connected” – Jennie

“On another note I had had a profound connection with Mike and within the safeness of the space created I was able to heal  long time  wounds of mistrust with the masculine.

“Gratitude abounds for this profound open healing and nature connection that you have  facilitated, I highly recommend any one who has such a desire to take the plunge and plug into what your years of connection have led you to offer.” – Ursula

“Changed my life and lightened my load forever! I was… seen, nurtured… If opening your heart to a new level is your dream, you could possibly find it here! I did!” – Debbie Garrard

“It truly was a healing and openhearted transformation. An amazing and unbelievable life-changing experience that was the beginning of an awesome journey. Thank you so much. I am feeling blessed and free and whole again.” Melanie Jarvis

“Thank you so much for your support and caring. I feel encourage to open again and shine.” – Menka


Cancellation policy for this workshop: Refundable – less 15% admin/bank fees if cancelled 30 days before the workshop or 50% refundable less admin/banking fees 14 days before the workshop begins. No refund 14 days before the workshop begins, during or after the workshop.