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Earth Quest / Re-Wilding

Welcome to a powerful healing journey with nature!

This is a year long exploration into Healing Ecology – the up to skyexperience of two way healing available between Earth and Human

The Great Re-wilding Experience, is a 12 months opportunity of discovery and celebration exploring a deeper connection with the earth. Experience the healing the Earth can offer and explore ways to offer healing to her in your own way, as you dissolve the separation between yourself and nature.

This journey is shamanic in nature. There is a growing realisation of our innate, indigenous, animist nature, spending considerable time finding comfort, reflection and mystical connection in our natural surroundings.

There may emerge a spiritual connection to the trees, the mountains, the rivers, birds and animals. As your spirit centres and soars and your body surrenders to the earth, your heart opens naturally and we get to know ourselves deeper and expand the compassionate relationship between ourselves as humans and the Earth. In every sense this quest brings a homecoming and the experience of “being held by Great Mother”.

If you know there is more to your existence than what you are aware of or living now, if you yearn for deeper connection with yourself or nature, if you want to open your mind, heart, body, awareness, spirit and more to the teachings of the Earth, this is for you.


– A year of time spent at the Sanctuary in Warburton (one hour from Melb in the mountains of the Yarra Valley) in a forest setting near the river. The Sanctuary is a lovely hexagon space with basic facilities. You experience living simply, being away from distractions and pressures and being close to nature and the Earth

– Personal exploration and experience with yourself, with a facilitator, with others, with nature and with a project that you will decide on

– Warning: this may change your life :-)

phoenix looking up to elder huon pines tarkine 2015ONE WEEK EVERY SEASON

Every week includes overnight stays in The Sanctuary, sessions and experiences, set tasks, solitude, walks and the option of joining the Warburton community in relevant activities.

Week 1.

Intro; preparation; letting go; deep relaxation; Sacred circle

Bodywork or healing; unbocking; opening; Water discovery

The tower; Air discovery; bird connection

Week 2

Deepening; Fire discovery; animal connection

Cycle of life; Earth discovery; burial;

Birth; art; nature materials; respect;

Week 3

Movement; breath; expansion; heart

Food; ingesting; digesting; deepening the Let Go

Spiral. Deep Listening. Unfolding…

Week 4



Ascending the mountain; Descending into soul.

Self; Going forth; Earth Project; Sharing Yourself; Completion

Each foray builds on the one before and what you do inbetween. This is a sustained and evolving journey with support the entire time.

Note: The above is a guide as anything that emerges will depend on your own individual journey. The order, content and other aspects of this journey may include other or exclude things. You are always at choice as to what you do as this is an empowering process, as well as encouragement to surrender to your inner knowing and the Earth’s wisdom beyond the intellect.

You allow a project to emerge that you will be journeying through and initiating for that year to do with nature.

Price: $79 per night for the Sanctuary stay – 6 nights per week; $150 per session (can last 1 – 3 hours each time) for the facilitation (there are options for partial work exchange barters for those in financial hardship).

This is a 12 month commitment, the decision to follow through, even when the going may get challenging, needs to be considered. Part refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

shedding skinHandFlowerbird sunset10926336_10204437070305568_4895805100461209300_o

IMGP5723Facilitator: Phoenix Arrien is a workshop organiser and facilitator with over 20 years experience, working in private practice,  corporate and community. Her training and experience includes counselling, Australian indigenous, Native American and Maori healing, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process-oriented Psychology, Voice Dialogue, Deep Ecology, Healing Ecology, Sacred Ecology, massage, reiki, writing and meditation.

She is the initiator of the Victorian and NSW Triple Ecology Gatherings and the Tarkine and Kimberley Eco-Healing wilderness retreats. Her greatest joy can challenge is bringing up two amazing sons  :-)

‘Jung inferred that the loss of instinct, the loss of soul…can be restored through reconnection with the sacred aspects of the natural and imaginal worlds.

In our descent to reconnect with our roots in wild nature…we may navigate unknown territory, dark waters, and close, tight spaces. We may even enter in that impenetrable dark night of the soul where all hope seems lost. But Jung urged us to look for the seed in the darkness that will come to fruition and light.

What is broken into pieces can be re-membered and begun anew like the initiate who emerges as a powerful shaman. It is possible, through the process of descent to reconnect with the sacred earth, to restore our souls to their rightful wholeness, both individually and as a culture.

By re-membering our roots in the sacred, by re- establishing right relations with nature and the imaginal, we renew our trust in the power of soul to help us find our way home.’

– Bonnie Bright


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